Longest Distance (A Short Poem)

What is the longest distance you’ve ever traveled? Mine one is the distance from your memories To the feelings that I don’t have for you Anymore. And in a strange way It hurts that You don’t hurt me anymore.

(Prettiest) Butterfly

There were a lot of people in that Garden keeping an eye on the prettiest butterfly.  They all wished to hold it, hold it forever  Not their fault, She was actually charming,  Colourful, and attractive. But, I never thought of keeping it, Even though I also liked watching her but I wanted her to  spread... Continue Reading →


Hey Sunshine where  were you Last night? you know, I felt a bit alone in the dark. The river had the Shore To share her whole day stories, What she did all day long. The birds were in their nest, Resting in their home. the moon was so close to star, In a place Where... Continue Reading →

If I was a Star or a Flower

If you'd have made Me a star I could have been  Living so close to 'my' moon If you'd have made me Flowers, She'd often come and kiss me. If you'd have made me a Rainbow, I’d sit across her balcony for hours  To add more colours to her life. If these things were a... Continue Reading →

Unfinished Book

She came back to the place, To read the unfinished book, Which she left some time ago. She reached there with a lot of hopes, But she came to find out, That she won’t be able to read The unfinished chapters, Of that book, whose title she just can’t forget. The book is not on... Continue Reading →


Both had something inside for each other. In the same manner stood there like Clouds. Flaunting themselves in the sky. ...and then like  clouds only they got separated so far away, they almost forgot 'The feel' 'the best feel of the world' They once had  while being together. Till the Rain came And brought them... Continue Reading →

Last Letter to My Last Love

Hey. How's it going? Just wanted to say, I'm grateful that you came in my life. I'm grateful for each and every moment I got to share with you. It was hard for me to get over them, but finally, I'm done with living in past. My heart feels so light since last 2-3 days,... Continue Reading →

“My Kind of Girl”

She might not be the kind of girl to ask out for a date, but a kind of girl, to spend all of your mornings, evenings and nights, for your entire life, without getting bored even for a single moment. She's not the kind of girl, to have for an exciting one night stand, but,... Continue Reading →

Journey and Patience

will walking on this road will ever be easy? Will, I ever come across a street, not so busy. Where are all those people, craving, not for the destinations, but for the journey?   a Journey of unbreakable faith a journey of unmovable hopes with things, that just can't be bought through Money. will I... Continue Reading →

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