Blogging 101: How to Make Money by Content Writing Online

In today’s time, if you’re not making money over the Internet, you’re probably wasting your time here. So, starting a Blogging Series here after the article I posted a few weeks ago: Internet the Most Powerful Tool in 2017. In this series, I will be posting several Articles for y’all to learn everything from scratch. This Article will give you an overview of almost everything in the content Writing world. So, let’s quickly start our guide.

What is Content Writing?

Producing Content for anyone, i.e., yourself or someone else with the objective to help people or to make money – can be termed as Content Writing on The Web.


How to Get Started in Content Writing World?

You need to buy a 10,000$ Machine to examine the mitochondria in plant cells. Just kidding, you can get started by any simple computer (Or even from a phone, if you’re fine with small screen and typing on mobile).

How to Make Money by Content Writing?

There are a few ways to make money online by doing content writing. Let’s talk about them: –

PART 1: Content Writing and Making Money by Blogging

Blogging is basically – putting up information on a website in order to bring users on that website so that one can earn money. Well, there are a number of ways you can do online, the sky is the limit here. How can you start to Blog: –


Making Own Website

You can make money from your websites. Some popular ways of making Money are – Earning by Google Adsense Ads and Affiliate Marketing.
(If you’re being Jon Snow here and know nothing about blogging, wait a couple of weeks. As I am going to put all the information of blogging I have, which I learnt in past 3 years. Follow my Blog now to stay connected to Blogging 101 Series)

How to Make a Website?


You don’t need to learn Coding to make a website, trust me. Its as easy as eating cakes. I am going to put up some tutorials for this, but for now. Let’s have the basic idea. You will need to buy a Domain Name for your website, which will cost you 2$ or something. Then you will need Hosting, which costs around a Dollar per month. So for running a website for 1 year, you will need around 13$ investment – which is not a big deal I guess. (FYI: Chain Smokers smokes up cigarettes of this amount, much more may be, in a month only). After Domain Name and Hosting – You’re done. Simply install WordPress on your website – watch some tutorial videos on Youtube. You will finish your website in a couple of hours I guess. Here are my Recommended channels on Youtube to learn WordPress- James Stafford and Hogan Chua. Now you’re done, start writing. Bring Traffic and Earn Online.
(As I said earlier, I will write articles in my blogging 101 Guide on how to bring traffic to a website so for now, you can follow my blog. You can also do a quick google to learn about anything.)

What if I don’t want to make my own Website?

You can do that too. You can make a simple Blog and start writing. As soon as you start getting some good amount of traffic- You can apply for Google Adsense. Go to and create a blog. Start Writing.

You can also start Blogging on as I do here on but that downside of is that you cannot make money via Google Adsense ie., you cannot put up your own Ads here. Only blogs with massive traffic here make money by Affiliate Marketing. So is not suggested as in professional terms. I do blog here as a Non-Profit target (YES you heard that right, I am starting Blogging 101 Guide just to help y’all over here at blog. Not to make money. I am a good lad I know, my mother told me once) and my Aim here is to provide my life experiences and help the people over Internet.


What Type of Website can I Make?

Well, you can make any website – that provides value to the user. If you want to write personal experiences, it’s better to stick with simple WordPress blog and not make a website. You can make a website on Events like Holi Diwali, You can create Magazines like ScoopWhoop, You can make websites on Programming Tutorial, <Name something which you’re interested in> You can make a website on almost anything. I will suggest you choose something – in which you’re already interested in.

PART TWO: Making Money Online By Content Writing

The first part of this Article was devoted to making your website and earning money via your own website. There’s one more way to make money- You can write for others. For Example, I love Travelling I started to write blogs for and have written for a number of websites in past. You can also do that and make money by content writing.


Content Writing: How to Write For Others?

You need those people who’re trying to find Content Writers. Two best places to find such people are Facebook and Freelancer. Go on facebook and search for Content Writers and join a couple of groups. Check out what posts people are making in such groups. You can easily find potential employers over here.
BEWARE: Facebook groups are full of scammers, Make sure you’re not writing for a fake Profile on Facebook.
Another way is to, create an account on and start bidding on the project.

Yes I know that’s not easy – but if it was easy, everyone would have been doing it. There are no such shortcuts as you generally see on few websites Ads like – invest 2$ and get rich or Ads like “This single mother makes 100$ per hour, click now to find out how”. It needs continuous hard work and dedication to provide value to users. but trust me it’s awesome to be self-reliant via the web. I am in my final year of Graduation and I don’t think I need to get a job anytime soon after finishing college(of course because I make enough money in my part time and I believe in myself).

So, that’s it for now guys. If you do have any queries – leave below via comments down. If you liked this article, you can like or share. At last, if you want to learn more about Blogging and Things, Just Follow my blog. Take Care of your health and Love Yourself.


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